This is the one for you if you already have a tension rod or two!

Kit contains
1 theatre topper
easy to follow instructions.

You will also need 2.25 metres of fabric and thread (not included).

This craft kit will let you turn any doorway into a mini working theatre, or puppet theatre complete with magical ta daa opening for a theatrical flourish.

Once made can be installed and uninstalled in seconds and no permanent fixings needed.

Simple craft make, if you can cut a straightish line and thread a needle you can make this.

These simple kits do the more worky part of the make for you, the necessarys sourced and made and the maths and sizing worked out.  As soon as you add your fabric with the easy to follow simple guide, the theatrical magic of the theatre will appear.
Keep it a simple Scandi style or make it as elabotate as you like and create a theatre of dreams.

When you receive the kit, it will arrive as in the 4th photograph and packed in minimal recycled cardboard and tissue paper packaging which can be recycled and composted.

Please be aware this is not a toy, the kit is designed for adults to make and children to use under superision.

If you would like to share your creations, I would love to see them please email or use #huttheatres